All the News Fit to Print

After five years my previous blog, which I began as I was working on my Gospel of Philip book, fizzled out, helped along by Blogger’s refusal to publish by ftp. Now I have two blogs, this one, which is purely for news of publications, events and developments related to the books I write, edit or […]

Tony Cartledge Planetry Types Interview

Tony Cartledge is interviewed by Miguel Conner about his book Planetary Types this weekend.“Topics Include: –A brief history of Astrology and Planetary Types; and their seemingly marginalization in modern times–Understand Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way and how it helps understand our place in the cosmos.–The importance of Pythagorean philosophy in modern occultism and science, including how […]

Reading the Gnostics

I’ve contributed a guest article, “Reading the Gnostics” to the Magical Buffet blog. It’s an introduction to the glories of the Nag Hammadi Library, while hinting subtly that interested readers should go out and buy my Dictionary of Gnosticism. If there’s any discussion on the blog post I’ll chip in with my comments.

Fortean Times 260

Fortean Times, the long-running UK magazine of paranormal investigation, UFOs, cryptozoology, ancient civilizations and other mysteries, has included a full page article on myself and my Dictionary of Gnosticism, “G Is For Gnostic.” It’s a very well written piece by alternative religion writer David V . Barrett. It’s in the current issue, number 260.

Watkins Bookshop Closes

Watkins Bookshop, London’s premier esoteric bookshop, which was founded in 1897, has closed and the company is being liquidated. My commiserations to go the staff, particularly my friend Klaus who also happened to be the editor of my first ever book. Watkins stocked Bardic Press titles and my books with other publishers and were generally […]


I had to laugh at this local newspaper account of a spelling bee:“ Logan Karlen, a seventh-grader at Elsinore Middle School, finished second, successfully spelling paraphernalia in the third round of a spell-off for the runner-up spot. Logan, 12, who finished second in the Lake Elsinore Unified School District two years ago, is happy that […]