Reviews from Phenomena Magazine

Phenomena Magazine has the first reviews of Lost Teachings of the Cathars and Secret History of the Gnostics Title:               The Secret History of The Gnostics Author:          Andrew Philip Smith Publisher:       Watkins ISBN:             978-1-78028-821-5 Price:              £10.99 This first class new book is one of several dealing with the ever-mysterious and poorly understood subject of Gnosticism. […]

Conversations Beyond Religion and Science

Philip Comella interviewed me about Lost Teachings of the Cathars a few weeks ago and it’s now available online. He asked some challenging questions and I enjoyed his approach. His show is called Conversations Beyond Science and Religion.

The Rime of the Baby Jesus

It is a baby Jesus, And he stoppeth one of three. ‘By thy chubby cheeks and innocent eye, Now wherefore stopp’st thou me? . . . He holds him with his dimpled hand, ‘There was a crib,’ quoth he. ‘Hold off! unhand me smooth-cheeked loon!’ Eftsoons his hand dropt he. . . . ‘I fear […]


I’m being interviewed by Ron Ash on Monday 21st February for his Being radio program. 9am EST, 2pm GMT.

January 6, the Birthday of Jesus

The Cherry Tree Carol When Joseph was an old man,An old man was he,When he courted Virgin Mary,The Queen of Galilee,When he courted Virgin Mary,The Queen of Galilee, As Joseph and MaryWere walking one day,“Here are apples and cherries,”O Mary did say…. Then Mary spoke to Joseph,So meek and so mild,“Joseph, gather me some cherriesFor […]


Voices of Gnosticism

The latest Bardic Press book is now out and it will be of interest to all readers of The Gnostic. (Kindle Edition) (UK) For several years, Miguel Conner has engaged the most prominent writers and scholars on Gnosticism and early Christianity on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. These interviews with 13 leading scholars represent one […]

Rumor Mill News

I’m being interviewed on Rumor Mill News tomorrow 11am to 2pmpacific time, 2 to 5 eastern. (from 7PM my time). It’s a three hour interview so I’d better find plenty to talk about! My subject is The Gnostic journal plus Gnosticism in general. After two and a half hours I’ll probably be talking about the […]

Aeon Byte Interview

I’m discussing issue 3 of The Gnostic and various sundries with Miguel Conner this weekend at Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. I’ve done several interviews with Miguel over the years and apparently I’m now his most-interviewed guest.  We talk about the contents of the new issue and discuss some of the articles and bounce ideas off […]

The Mental Traveller

I travelled through a land of men,A land of men and women too,And heard and saw such dreadful thingsAs cold earth wanderers never knew.For there the babe is born in joyThat was begotten in dire woe,Just as we reap in joy the fruitWhich we in bitter tears did sow;And if the babe is born a […]

Starting Out

After five years my previous blog, which I began as I was working on my Gospel of Philip book, fizzled out, helped along by Blogger’s refusal to publish by ftp. Now I have two blogs, my news blog for news of publications, events and developments related to the books I write, edit or publish, and […]