Not the Sexiest Gnostic

I forgot to mention that my dictionary made it onto the Top 10 Gnostic Stories of 2009, courtesy of Chicago Examiner writer Miguel Conner.–Heretical-Spirituality-Examiner~y2009m12d22-The-top-10-Gnostic-stories-of-2009 10. ‘A Dictionary of Gnosticism’ is published. Andrew Phillip Smith released the first comprehensive lexicon on Gnostic terminology since the perennial heretics came into the scene thousands of years ago. […]

Looking Back at the Year

I always felt that I’ve done less than half of what I could have done, but, looking back, this year was a fairly full one. I put out three Bardic Press publications. One of these was the first new Bardic Press book for a couple of years, Planetary Types: The Science of Celestial Influence, by […]

In the Spirit

I’m being interviewed by Gary Goldberg on In the Spirit on Thursday December 17. My interview begins at 2PM EST. Also on the show are Rev. Sally Bingham, Kirtan Rabbi, and Richard Smoley (who was editor of A Dictionary of Gnosticism.) I was on In the Spirit a few years ago and I believe that […]

Spiral Inward

I used to recommend the Palm Tree Garden forum for online Gnostic discussion, but it was closed down a short while ago. Many of the PTG members are now at Spiral Inward’s Gnostic Cafe. It has a homelier, less charged atmosphere than the PTG. You can access it here:

Sphinx Radio

William Kennedy of Sphinx Radio interviewed me last week and the interview is now up on his website, William also offered to contribute to the next issue of The Gnostic, which is terrific. Just a reminder that both issue 2 of The Gnostic and A Dictionary of Gnosticism are now out. Plus there’s some […]

Aeon Byte Interview

I’m being interviewed again by Miguel Conner in his Aeon Byte Internet radio program. Just go to and follow the instructions. We did the interview last week, and I think the new program will be available from Saturday 14. If you get there too early, you’ll find the preceding podcast, which contains an interview […]