Reading the Gnostics

Reading the Gnostics was a piece I wrote to accompany A Dictionary of Gnosticism. In a modified form it will be one of the introductory essays in Gnostic Tendencies, intended to whet your appetite for reading the Nag Hammadi Library. Reading the Gnostics   And he [Jesus] said, “The kingdom is like a wise fisherman […]

Talk Gnosis Interview

My video interview with the guys at Talk Gnosis is now up on YouTube. This is a short 20 minute chat about Lost Teachings of the Cathars. I went on to record an extra hour of material for them, which I believe you can access via their subscription service on Patreon. We chat mainly about […]

Conversations Beyond Religion and Science

Philip Comella interviewed me about Lost Teachings of the Cathars a few weeks ago and it’s now available online. He asked some challenging questions and I enjoyed his approach. His show is called Conversations Beyond Science and Religion.