Contents of Gnostic Tendencies

Here’s a preliminary list of contents for Gnostic tendencies. It already adds up to quite a lot of material.   Introduction:  Why I Write About Gnosticism A Whirlwind Tour Reading the Gnostics Gnostic Scripture The Gospel of Thomas: Translatyion and Esoteric Interpretation The Hard choice: Authoritative Discourse Obnoxious Gnostics: The Apocalypse of Peter 14 Gnostic […]

A Question For Alan Moore

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, V For Vendetta, From hell, Promethea et al, a question. At the moment I can’t really divulge the circumstances but maybe I can say more a bit later. Alan became a magician at the age of […]

Discussing the Cathars With Jesse Waugh

I was interviewed recently by Jesse Waugh, an artist who is exploring the esoteric world in a series of podcast interviews. The interview was focused on the Cathars but we went off on several enjoyable tangents. you can listen to it here:-

Half a Review

Lost Teachings of the Cathars also has a review in The Scientific and Medical Network review. this only happens to be online because someone else whose book was reviewed posted a couple of pages of the PDF online, and these two pages included half of the review of my own book. So, if you enjoy […]

Review of Lost Teachings of the Cathars

Another good review, this time from the Association of Mormon Letters website. I hardly know anything substantial about the LDS. I did exchange emails with the late Welsh poet and short story writer Leslie Norris, who was a long-term poet-in-residence at Brigham Young University in Utah. And once in a London pub a man came […]

Reviews from Phenomena Magazine

Phenomena Magazine has the first reviews of Lost Teachings of the Cathars and Secret History of the Gnostics Title:               The Secret History of The Gnostics Author:          Andrew Philip Smith Publisher:       Watkins ISBN:             978-1-78028-821-5 Price:              £10.99 This first class new book is one of several dealing with the ever-mysterious and poorly understood subject of Gnosticism. […]

The Rime of the Baby Jesus

It is a baby Jesus, And he stoppeth one of three. ‘By thy chubby cheeks and innocent eye, Now wherefore stopp’st thou me? . . . He holds him with his dimpled hand, ‘There was a crib,’ quoth he. ‘Hold off! unhand me smooth-cheeked loon!’ Eftsoons his hand dropt he. . . . ‘I fear […]