I’ve taken part in several interviews, mostly to promote individual books. Many of them are online and available for free, or for a small fee with free excerpts.

Internet Talk Radio

Philip Comella interviewed me about Lost Teachings of the Cathars a few weeks ago and it’s now available online. He asked some challenging questions and I enjoyed his approach. His show is called Conversations Beyond Science and Religion.

Fortean Times

I was interviewed by email by David V Barrett for a Fortean Times article on my work, which appeared in issue 260 of FT.

Magical Buffet Blog

This is a guest article, Reading the Gnostics, for the Magical Buffet blog.

Culture Following

An email interview interview with some interesting questions conducted by Dean Wilson for the Culture Following blog/site.

Coffee Cigarettes and Gnosis/Aeon Byte

I’ve been interviewed by Miguel Conner several times for his Internet radio programme Aeon Byte, formerly Coffee, Cigarettes and Gnosis, the only regular programme devoted to Gnosticism. Miguel is also a contributor to The Gnostic. Excerpts from the programmes are available for free, while the entire programmes may be downloaded for a small fee. Miguel has interviewed dozens and dozens of interesting people, and shows can be ordered in bulk at a discount.

The Gospel of Philip: Annotated & Explained

Gnostic Writings on the Soul

The Lost Sayings of Jesus

The Gnostics: History, Tradition, Scripture, Influence

The Gnostic 1

A Dictionary of Gnosticism & The Gnostic 2

A three-way discussion on the ideas of Gurdjieff with Miguel Conner and Anthony Peake

Dr Rita

A two hour chat with Dr Rita Louise of Energy Talk Radio on the Gnostics.
MP3 download:

In the Spirit

I’ve been interviewed twice by Gary Goldberg for In the Spirit on WRPI. The shows don’t seem to have been archived, but it’s worth poking around the website.

Rumor Mill News Radio

A three hour long program with Rayelan, based on A Dictionary of Gnosticism, but going off on all sorts of fascinating tangents

Sphinx Radio

I’ve been interviewed twice by Bill Kennedy of Sphinx Radio. The shows are available in MP3 format. Simply scroll down the home page to find them. One is about The Gnostics: History, Tradition, Scripture, Influence, the other on A Dictionary of Gnosticism & The Gnostic 2

Zany Mystic

Lance White, the Zany Mystic, interviewed me about the Gnostic in general. Scroll down to find a link to the mp3.

Penarth Times

An article, “Exploring mystical teachings” from the local newspaper of my hometown, Penarth, in Wales.