13th May 2023


I’ll be speaking at the Welsh Occult conference in Welshpool. The title of my talk is ‘A Welsh Book of Knowledge: a Compendium of Spells, divination and Folk Astrology in Nineteenth Century Wales.’

9.00-9.45 Andrew Phillip Smith – Andrew Phillip Smith is the author of several books on Gnosticism, including Secret History of the Gnostics and Lost Teachings of the Cathars. He is publisher at Bardic Press and former editor of The Gnostic. His recent work has focused on his native Wales, including a long-term project to collect the fragments of myths and legends beyond the Mabinogion.

Details and tickets here:-

27th August 2022

I’m speaking at the South wales Occult conference at the Masonic Hall, Cardiff. My talk is ‘The Dyn Hysbys and the Tylwyth Teg: Pages from the Notebook of a Welsh Cunning Man.’ This is one of my current projects and it will be published before the end of 2022.

1st January 2016

Philip Comella interviewed me about Lost Teachings of the Cathars a few weeks ago and it’s now available online. He asked some challenging questions and I enjoyed his approach. His show is called Conversations Beyond Religion and Science Here’s the link: Conversations beyond Religion and Science

November 2015

All of my websites are in the process of redesign. We lost so it has moved to the more desirable