The Gospel of Thomas


The Gospel of Thomas is the most significant and authentic piece of early Christian writing outside of the New Testament. It contains sayings and parables of Jesus that are not found in other texts, along with more original and more esoteric versions of well known sayings of Jesus. This is the first pocket-sized edition of the Gospel of Thomas in English, illustrated with Rembrandt etchings.

An introduction offers a readable and colourful overview of what scholarship can tell us of the Gospel of Thomas—its discovery, dating, relationship to the other gospels, its authorship, and the figure of Thomas.

A new translation from Coptic and Greek brings out the depth of Thomas’ imagery and esoteric meaning in a clear and readable English.

The final essay, “The Inner Meaning of These Sayings”, offers an key to the inner meaning of the Gospel of Thomas, comparing it convincingly to the Fourth Way spiritual system developed by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

Published August 1, 2002 Ulysses Books, 234 pages, ISBN-10: 0964578255- Out of Print

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A fine introduction… a landmark effort to make Thomas a useful spiritual guide for the present day. — Stevan Davies, author of The Gospel of Thomas: Annotated and Explained

A great translation, with an insightful esoteric commentary… Our general interpretations of the teachings are much in harmony. — Timothy Freke, co-author of The Jesus Mysteries and Jesus and the Lost Goddess

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

1. These are the esoteric sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Judas Thomas the twin wrote down. And he said, “Whoever finds the inner meaning of these sayings shall not taste death.”2. Jesus said, “The seeker should not stop searching until he finds, and when he finds he will suffer, and when he suffers he will be astonished and will be king over everything, and having become king he will find rest.”

3. Jesus said, “If those who lead you should say to you, ‘Look, the kingdom is in the air,’ then the birds of the air will be first, coming before you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish of the sea will be first, coming before you. But the kingdom is within you and outside of you. When you know yourselves then you will be known and will find it, and you will discover that you are sons of the living father. But if you do not know yourselves then you are impoverished and you are poverty.”