Contents of Gnostic Tendencies

Here’s a preliminary list of contents for Gnostic tendencies. It already adds up to quite a lot of material.


Introduction:  Why I Write About Gnosticism

A Whirlwind Tour

Reading the Gnostics

Gnostic Scripture

The Gospel of Thomas: Translatyion and Esoteric Interpretation

The Hard choice: Authoritative Discourse

Obnoxious Gnostics: The Apocalypse of Peter

14 Gnostic Christmases: The Apocalypse of Adam

Aeons That Are Ages and Entities: The Concept of Our Great Power

Symbols and Sacraments: Revisiting the Gospel of Philip

Down Into Egypt: Revisiting the Hymn of the Pearl

Revisiting the Exegesis on the Soul

‘From That Blood the First Rose Sprouted’ – On the Origin of the World

Soul and Spirit, Colour and Light

Testing the Cathars

The Alternative Judas

Alexandria, at the Conjunction of the Whole world

Gospels that Were Never Lost

The Mischievous Secret Gospel of Mark

Leaden Codices

The Gospel of Barnabas

Romanticizing the Gnostics


One Two three

Myths Aren’t True, Neither Is History



Ignorant Design


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