Thunder Perfect Mind — the Fragrance

This is a bit old, so many people might know about this advert, but I’ve only just come across it. The father-and-daughter team of Ridley and Jordan Scott directed an atmospheric advert to promote a perfume by Prada. As the Gospel of Truth says, “For it is not the ears that smell the fragrance, but (it is) the breath that has the sense of smell and attracts the fragrance to itself, and is submerged in the fragrance of the Father, so that he thus shelters it, and takes it to the place where it came from, from the first fragrance, which is grown cold. “

Anyway, this advert features extensive excerpts from Thunder Perfect Mind, backed by good jazz, while the camera follows Canadian model Daria Werbowy as she moodily travels around Berlin on foot, via the subway, by taxi, etc.

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