Tony Cartledge Planetry Types Interview

Tony Cartledge is interviewed by Miguel Conner about his book Planetary Types this weekend.

Topics Include:

–A brief history of Astrology and Planetary Types; and their seemingly marginalization in modern times
–Understand Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way and how it helps understand our place in the cosmos.
–The importance of Pythagorean philosophy in modern occultism and science, including how the universe is arranged in musical octaves and such groundbreaking holistic approaches like Bio-Acoustic healing.
–How the Gnostics viewed Astrology.
–The science behind how our very glands are affected by the magnetism of the planets, which in essence determines our personalities and possibly our life-courses.
–A quick lesson on understanding and recognizing Planetary Types by viewing famous people in history, politics and entertainment.

And much more! Finally, a scientific, verifiable and easy way to unlock the truths of Astrology.”

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